Rhys makes ambient/ominous soundscapes, field recordings, and electronic tracks. He composes for multiple mediums such as film, dance, art exhibition, or good old fashion live performance. Rhys loves to make music, listen to music, and hear music in everyday things. Has a background in sound engineering and live PA work, and is passionate about working hard to get shows running smoothly.


After a childhood of being immersed in music and learning instruments, Rhys adored sound and was fascinated by what it does to people. He studied audio engineering at SAE Institute in Perth, WA, in 2008 and earned a Diploma of Music Industry. Then at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) he earned a Bachelor Degree of Music in Composition and Music Technology. Since even his senior years of highschool he has worked in the music and entertainment industry as an audio technician. But Rhys’ obsession is with creating art.

Rhys composes on computers with programs such as Max/MSP, Logic, and Sibelius. He is a proficient bassist and guitarist, a competent keyboardist, and an innovative percussionist on a vast array of wonderful instruments including Garrahands. Only recently venturing into the world of the drum kit.


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