Black Box Gallery Exhibit

I will have over 70 pieces exhibited in the Black Box Gallery at Make Place and RDA Peel’s Chasers afterparty of the Country Arts WA Summit, at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. The exhibit will be on Saturday the 14th of October.

Next album

I have decided to create an album of some of the things I’m working on in Max.

Each track will be a simple recording of the output of each patch with minimal post-processing.

It is because of this that I have chosen the title…


One track is finished already, out of… I haven’t decided yet.

It is a first draft of an interdisciplinary performance idea I’m working on with some other Mandurians.


I will update when I have done the next track.


– Rhys

Noizemaschin!! Mandurah #4 coming up

This will be the fourth Noizemaschin!! event that I have brought to Mandurah. This time I will be performing as myself instead of tilde~ since that project is taking off on its own trajectory. I have not started on the piece that I will be performing for NM Mandurah but I have some ideas.

I want to learn how to use research data in Max to create or manipulate music. With this I may utilise the wireless controller apps on iPad as the user interface. It may turn out to be quite different to the ambient stuff that I have been performing at previous NM gigs, but hopefully it will be just as (if not more) interesting.


I am also pleased to have the young local artist Navana on the set-list for the show. She is well known around Mandurah for being a proactive singer and songwriter with an acoustic guitar. I’m hoping that for Noizemaschin!! she can broaden the already fairly wide repertoire of art that she can create.


–Rhys Channing

Click for Facebook Event

Click for Facebook Event