Black Box Gallery Exhibit

I will have over 70 pieces exhibited in the Black Box Gallery at Make Place and RDA Peel’s Chasers afterparty of the Country Arts WA Summit, at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. The exhibit will be on Saturday the 14th of October.

Update 03/07/2017

Update on projects I am working on:

  • Sound art installation for the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
  • An interdisciplinary performance with Mandurah locals
  • Sound art installation for the Regional Arts Summit in October held at MPAC, and the 2018 Stretch Arts Festival. I will be working with David Carson, Justin Wiggan, Heloise Lorimer, and the Mandurah public
  • A sci-fi short film with Bevan Hewett
  • Instrument building: talkbox, lujon
  • Graphic score for vocalists



  • New music with visuals
  • A documentary

More grid art

Noizemaschin!! Mandurah #4

Thursday the 27th of October saw the return of Noizemaschin!! to Mandurah for the fourth time. Along with being the MC for the evening I performed a piece exploring weather data in a musical context (unfortunately I forgot to press record until after my set).

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Here are some photos from the night.


The Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery before the show



The Noizemaschin! sign prototype



Myself being MC





14853068_1199598126745305_6146522544061664951_o 14876601_1199598336745284_7226452233861622348_o 14917084_1199598270078624_8940147376822590265_o14939968_1199598243411960_5817083068152551867_o

Andrew Nonlinearcircuits



Super Perfundo


14889816_1199597980078653_4090106513472425997_o      14917198_1199598030078648_1331104364716516439_o

Rubies Reddened by Rubies Reddening


Huge thanks to everyone who was there, and to the City Of Mandurah for their contribution to advertising. Photos courtesy of Sandy McNab and Calum Carty.

– Rhys

Noizemaschin!! Mandurah #4 coming up

This will be the fourth Noizemaschin!! event that I have brought to Mandurah. This time I will be performing as myself instead of tilde~ since that project is taking off on its own trajectory. I have not started on the piece that I will be performing for NM Mandurah but I have some ideas.

I want to learn how to use research data in Max to create or manipulate music. With this I may utilise the wireless controller apps on iPad as the user interface. It may turn out to be quite different to the ambient stuff that I have been performing at previous NM gigs, but hopefully it will be just as (if not more) interesting.


I am also pleased to have the young local artist Navana on the set-list for the show. She is well known around Mandurah for being a proactive singer and songwriter with an acoustic guitar. I’m hoping that for Noizemaschin!! she can broaden the already fairly wide repertoire of art that she can create.


–Rhys Channing

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