Noizemaschin!! Mandurah #4

Thursday the 27th of October saw the return of Noizemaschin!! to Mandurah for the fourth time. Along with being the MC for the evening I performed a piece exploring weather data in a musical context (unfortunately I forgot to press record until after my set).

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Here are some photos from the night.


The Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery before the show



The Noizemaschin! sign prototype



Myself being MC





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Andrew Nonlinearcircuits



Super Perfundo


14889816_1199597980078653_4090106513472425997_o      14917198_1199598030078648_1331104364716516439_o

Rubies Reddened by Rubies Reddening


Huge thanks to everyone who was there, and to the City Of Mandurah for their contribution to advertising. Photos courtesy of Sandy McNab and Calum Carty.

– Rhys

Noizemaschin!! #51 Mandurah

It’s been a grueling process trying to get things happening in the scarce downtime I’ve had, but I have finally brought a franchise of Noizemaschin!! down to Mandurah. This event will feature really great artists who graciously will be coming all the way down from Perth to perform and make noise at Make Place, Mandurah’s co-working space. It’s happening all thanks to the Creative Mandurah Grants Program from the City of Mandurah and RDA Peel.

The line-up is as follows:

Dr. Vellocet


Meg Travers

BeHn Stacy

Dane Yates

Josten Myburgh

Andrew Nonlinearcircuits

Petro Vouris

Nathan Thompson


The Facebook event Noizemaschin!! #51 Mandurah.