Rhys Channings ambient electroacoustic experimental project. He creates contemplative generative non-linear soundscape music using the visual programming software Max/MSP.

Not only is this project about creating music to just listen to, but visual aspects are explored as well. Calum Carty was brought on as the visualist for the project, and mixes footage and graphics live in performance. With the use of Max/MSP, tilde~ also performs sound art pieces in the form of live-coding.


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Purchase the debut album Æsthēsɪs here.

Composed with Max/MSP and Garrahand percussion instruments, Æsthēsɪs is a foray into glitch-and-noise-based electro-acoustic ambience. Tilde~’s compositional approach forgoes lush, synth-heavy soundscapes and opts instead for close-up electronic crackles and distant metallic arpeggios. Contemplative melodies peeking through the white noise.

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