Live-Coding Max Patch

Here is a messy patch of the Live-Coding I did at the Mandurah Stretch Festival on Saturday the 2nd of May 2015. Some external objects were used in this patch that can be found at the following sites:



Link to a Cycling ’74 post with a copy of the patch here.

Noizemaschin!! #46

tilde~ will be performing at Aprils Noizemaschin!! with a bunch of other fantastic artists from Perth. Noizemaschin!! is held at the Perth Artifactory on the last Tuesday of every month. It showcases experimental composers and musicians from around the Perth area, and sometimes even sound artists. Usually one can experience unrestrained improvisation, powerful dynamics, and diverse eclecticism.

Facebook event

Upcoming as at 14/04/2015

April has been good for tilde~.

setup for CASM gig

setup for CASM gig

Following the resounding success of the performance at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah (CASM), tilde~ is lined-up to play at Noizemaschin!! #46 on the 28th. Then will be kicking off May at the Stretch Arts Festival in Mandurah from the Friday the 1st through Sunday the 3rd. This will be performances of live-coding to create a digital sound art patch in Max/MSP. The pieces will be interactive with a pair of Garrahands as input, as well as the utilization of the webcam on the laptop.

It should all be tremendous fun.